02 September 2020


 Some of you may be wondering why Bill is doing all these cheap eye candy posts when at one time he was known to write near epic articles filled with erudite research and random trivia and facts. Well there are a few reasons. First of all those long written and researched posts are simply too hard and time consuming for me anymore. I do not have that degree of passion and to just do anything and publish it here I have to change my mind set or nothing will ever get accomplished. Second is, sadly, in the past my stats have shown that people like the posts with with images and minimal, or zero, text over the longer written ones. Sometimes I churned out posts with up  to four Word Document pages of writing. At one point I almost in anger deleted all of those eye candy posts but I did not and now have the attitude of if you can't beat 'em join 'em. So much is viewed on handheld devices these days. People don't really read like they used to. I don't either but for other reasons. My eyes are simply going bad. Thirdly I have a zillion or so images I have horded away. Many are less seen images and were download in batches from sites like Cinemageddon. These images can convey the mood and feeling of these films better than my articles can I feel. Well, that is my reasoning anyway. I will continue to write in the near future. But there is no reason the blog should stagnate while I wait for my "muse" to whisper in my ear. When I do write it will be in a newer style and shorter. One Word Doc per post at most. It is actually a challenge for me to do that. I enjoy writing but at the same time I want to feel the fruits of my labor matter a tiny bit to somebody. I see no reason to work myself to exhaustion any longer. In the end it does not matter. It is just a silly blog.

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