18 May 2012


Since moving Necrotic Cinema here to its new address and new URL there has been a period of readjustment for popular posts. What were popular at the old address (my old number one posts being my 1st post here for the Japanese film Killer Pussy) are no longer so popular and a whole new assortment of Necro Posts have climbed to the top of the ladder, including my one old Nero Girls posts on Rhonda Shear. I figure it is time then to revive that category and for this post I am featuring Mensa member and one of the true 80's Scream Queens Brinke Stevens. Along with a collection of, I hope, choice images I am putting up some material from Scream Queens magazine and Femme Fatales magazine as well. A couple too short interviews. I will keep this category alive as a little eye candy for horror films never hurt anybody. Will be looking into what other things I can do when I am not in the mood to do a full review, like posters, comic book samples, maybe music and artwork. For now sit back and live life a little on the Brinke. (Okay, that was so obvious I just couldn't resist.)


  1. I had a signed Brinke Stevens shot. Got it in person but gave it to my roommate. I hope he kept it.

  2. Lucky devil. I checked out some interviews with Brinke on Youtube. Sharp and funny gal.

  3. I've met Brinke and gotten her autograph more than a few times, and I NEVER get tired of repeating the experience.