12 November 2011


I am really trying to sort out what to do with this blog here. I have considered just trashing it really but in the end I know I would never do that. I have been working with some ideas on what I can do to generate more posts and activity here, including shorter posts, multiple-movie review posts, more posters and art collection, comic book reviews, music and who knows what. I had the idea only earlier today of doing a podcast here. It did not seem likely that it would take form but by golly here it is, the same day, the first Necrotic Cinema Podcast. Nothing much here in this first episode as it is a good idea to do a test post or two before you really get into fleshing out out a direction for the show to take. Whipped up a quick little banner and will be making an RSS feed for the show as well after a couple episodes. You can make feeds for individual labels for a Blogger blog but the new templates lack the link enclosure option that makes it easy to publish a podcast or audio file and have it playable on feed readers. I noticed some audio files I posted to the new Blogger template over at The Uranium Cafe do have have audio players in Google Reader, but older posts using the old template do. Oh well, one more problem to work out. let me get this one out there and see how it goes.

Note: I do not drink at all but I sound pretty drunk on this podcast. Really late and I am tired. Just letting people know that I am a tea-tottler however, I just naturally sound shit faced. Also, as if it matters, I made a mistake during the podcast and it is Emperor that leads in the show and Mayhem that takes it out with the bumper music. Did sort out the issue with link enclosures by reverting back to the old Blogger edit page. That sucks. Have to update audio files at The Uranium Cafe now. Hope Blogger sorts this issues out. RSS readers will not show a player (the standard Google Player) if you have no enclosure links. Come on guys! Get the hell with it!


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