05 June 2011

NECROTIC CINEMA IS NOT DEAD (not in a bad way anyway)

Just a quick note. I have gotten way behind here since my other blog, and once my main site, was killed off by hackers. Actually my account was canceled by my lame hosting service without so much as a "sorry, but..." because they could not prevent, after years, hackers from getting into my site and injecting malware. Their web page boasts about having all the latest malware protection but I guess they forget to turn it on for my site. I found out later I was not the only person to suffer chronic hackings there, so if you're looking for a hosted website DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT waste your time and money at maiahosting.com. they could not even set up a redirect for me. The guy there said he would but then maybe later he read some negative reviews I gave maiahost at some review sites and canceled his promise to help me out in that area.

I also blew about $40 on a website security service called "wewatchyourwebsite" and that was a bunch of crap too and I recommend you flush them down the toilet as well. My site continued to get hacked right up to the time it was cancelled. This guy could do nothing even though he had access to my FTP and CPanel. When I contacted him after my site was taken offline he said "I sent you an email last week saying I had lost FTP access. I need FTP access". That was a total lie since there was no email anywhere in my Yahoo account. Like I can't go back and search my email or check mails I've received over the last few days or week. Come on. Later mails to him were basically ignored. When I finally requested I get some sort of refund since my blog was removed from the net only a month after paying for his services that mail was ignored too. I mean, maybe it is not the guy's policy to return money for incompetent work and that is cool, but at least f'ing respond to the email. Just make another lie at least. Totally unprofessional.

Well, the deal is then I have been busy trying to get the new Uranium Cafe off the ground over at http://theuraniumcafe.blogspot.com. It is basically going and so I am going to swing back here and do some more modern horror flicks shortly. I have a feeling I will be putting in more time here now that my labor of love died. And it died with a real whimper too. I think I got about four comments or emails expressing regret. I got one friggin' email of condolence from the League of Tana Leaf Drinkers though I sent out an email to all the members. Just goes to show you the idea of a "community" on the net is basically a myth. At least amongst horror bloggers. Probably more community amongst porn purveyors. But screw all that. Spilt milk and all that. Should have something new up here shortly. Dealing with the fallout of some personal life issues and work and visa  stress here in China, but I must not, nay cannot, let that interfere with me reviewing crappy ass horror movies.


  1. Don't worry Bill, all the killer nurses, the satanic schoolgirls and the chainsaw welding cheerleaders still love you!

  2. Ouch! Sorry I'm late in finding this out, but I've been wrestling with my own Blog the last week or so.... My Host, Delirium-Vault is closing up shop by the end of July and I've been workin' my lil' tail off trying to restart my "Litterbox" over at Wordpress.

    Given that... it's probably a good thing you never took me up on the offer to move Uranium cafe there.... Hehehe!!

    And yes.... nothing must get between a film fan and their love of crappy movies!