04 September 2010


I am not going to review Underworld as it is not really the type of film I review. I prefer things a little more obscure and sometimes less successful at the box office either to further pan or pander. I do not think Underworld needs my help to make any more money but I have begun to notice I like some films that most of the horror community I follow do not really seem to care much for. I decided also –for the time being anyway- not to try and analyze why that is and instead just do a post on the film and openly admit to the world I enjoyed the film over multiple viewings. I did this with Twilight a while back and Underworld is another film that, while successful and popular, is often panned by many of the blogs I visit. I have seen the film several times as it is a film I find suitable for watching in class with my students. It is probably more of an action/romance than a real horror film loaded with chases and gunfights and Matrix influenced hand to hand combat scenes. But no doubt the focus of the film is the brooding and statuesque Selene played to the hilt by Kate Beckinsale. I am really not a big fan of the stone faced femme fatale. I am not sure if Beckinsale’s Selene is the inspiration for all of them that I see anymore but I can’t stand the tough, formidable, frozen faced female who does back-flips in a long black trench coat and lands like a cat with one hand propped up behind her and never changes facial expressions. Lot of Asian films seem to have this sort of female character now. They just don’t have the bearing to pull it off. But I love to see Beckinsale do it in this film.  A decent action-horror film that does not deserve the online attacks it seems to be the target of still.  And Kate Beckinsale is simply great as the black leather clad –very tight black leather I might add- and solemn Selene.

The kind of girl that would never go to Starbucks with me.

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