04 March 2010


Not sure why I struggle with this Blogger blog sometimes. I only get about 20 hits day and hardly any comments. Yet I am driven to persevere no matter what. Not sure how to put some life into it but I know if I want it to exist at any level I need to update it. Just not really into writing lately. I am back to work teaching ESL in China and have not readjusted to the schedule and demands of the job. Just run down. Also have some new recording software and hardware I am working with that takes a lot of focus and energy. So, to keep the site afloat until I have something to write about (and I do, been checking out lots of modern  horror lately, some good and some bad) I will just do an art type post. It is the first one here at Necrotic Cinema and will begin a new category for comics and art. Probably will begin doing some poster art as well soon. Just trying to branch out a bit. Feel I am in a rut here. The theme here for this post is some nice uplifting school girl horror art from the cheery island of Japan. No trivia on any of it. Just pure eye candy. Enjoy.






  1. Hi Bill, sorry for being a crap blog mate - I only pop over to Necrotic occasionally but always enjoy it (and catching up with what I've missed). To try and curb my poor attendance (as it were) I have subscribed via RSS now!

    Do keep going at this because you are an excellent blogger and some of the articles - such as the imax one I read today - could only be produced from your pretty unique situation (if that makes sense).

    As for this post, I have to say I love the artwork here - absolutely fantastic.

  2. Those pictures are really interesting, especially if you think a bit of the additional semnifications that might be drawn. For example, the girl that sucks on the man's gun in such an erotic manner, not realizing it is deadly. Well, nevermind, leaving aside all that, they're pretty fascinating photos.