23 December 2009


Not getting much writing done recently. Sure I’ve been watching plenty of films but I am simply not focused enough or have energy to keep a steady stream of new material coming here or at The Uranium Cafe. Just tired and burned out with life in general and the multi-vitamins work some days but not others. Also feeling a little discouraged with this site as well since reviving it from the dead a month or two back. The site is still only getting about 50 visitors a day. That makes me less than motivated to whip out one of my masterful essays on an exquisite selection of trash cinema.

Of course when all else fails and you need to just keep your blog alive in the blogosphere there is nothing more reliable than good old eye candy. I got a hold of some scans of almost every issue of Femme Fatales and Scream Queens Illustrated and will feature some pictures once in a while that I have cropped and edited a little. This post features busty Rhonda Shear who played in a host of TV shows and B-movies. I will refrain from doing a mini-bio on her for the time. That may come about one day but I simply d not have the energy right now and am about to flop down on the sofa and pop in a DVD and waste what is rest of this night there. But I can veg out knowing I have done a little something to enlighten humanity just a little. And so here is Rhonda Shear.





  1. You want more visitors? Add more Boobies!!!

    The fun part is that it actually work :-)

    Keep your blog alive, we like it!

  2. I will tell him even though he is sulking in his room like a baby because of his # 81 position still. Let me see if is still playing with that revolver....