04 December 2009


As I stated in my last post here where I try to defend my liking of the film Twilight I live in China and I simply do not see any of the film's merchandising here. One would hardly know the film exists outside the Internet and the pirated DVD copies that you can get for about one American dollar. To prepare for the releases in China of New Moon they re-released the first Twilight film but it is dubbed in Chinese and I have no interest in seeing it. I have no idea why they would do that since most younger people would prefer to see the film in English with Chinese subs. The dubbing for foreign films here is done by the same ‘actors, as I understand and viewers overall get sick of hearing the same voices for all western actors. As well when a film dialog is dubbed all other sounds are lost as well and so they try to replace the film with reasonable sound effects and soundtrack but they fail miserably.

Okay I am a little off track here but the point I am trying to make is that the Twilight phenomenon does not really exist here in terms of media exposure or merchandising. As I just made clear the film has never even played in state controlled cinemas here until a week ago and it was dubbed from English to Chinese. So Twilight as a film exists here a genuine cult article at best. A strange foreign Romeo and Juliet-Vampire film. So I was bit shocked (as shocked as I can get anyway) when I went to visit Monster Land, the newest member of The League of Tana Tea Drinkers (where my sister blog The Uranium Café is proudly listed), to see some of the odd and mostly silly merchandising for the film franchise. I still like the film in a general way and regret there was not an English release in theaters here in Kunming (maybe there is in more English friendly Shanghai or Beijing) but some of the products (not all for were sale actually as some, like a felt sculpture of Bella’s womb, where made by fans for themselves) were a little whacky. I guess topping the list, for me, were the Edward Cullen panties. Now they appear to be men’s briefs but I am certain this is a woman’s product and women wearing brief style panties is not new if one has ever perused the undie section of the Sears catalog. I sort of … er…accidentally skimmed over the section while looking for the fishing supply section. Well I will not debase the high standards of this blog by making ‘blood drinking’ jokes but if you’re curious there are a few online you can find with minimal research but I can point you in the right direction. Visit the not too friendly Twilight themed site Twitarded and read some of the comments at the bottom.

Well, some of this is tongue in cheek of I am certain but I guess this sort of thing can draw ire from some corners whose tastes are more refined. I just just want to cmplain however on the aprt of all us old guys out here in the blogosphere that as far as I have been able to ascertain there are no merchandising products with the image of Bella’s dad on them or for that mater the old Indian guy in the wheelchair. Now why not put their faces on a pair of silky panties I ask!? It is simply not fair.

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