29 April 2009


Most everything I have read about these movies really pans them without mercy but I do not think these Jeepers Creepers movies are that bad. They are not fantastic either but I really do not know what people expect from this sort of genre. The acting is not bad, the editing and cinematography are pretty good and while there are no surprises you get basically what you expect to get. The first time I watched it was with a couple good friends in Seattle and one guy just wold not let up on the movie. Every ten seconds he was ragging it. Hey, the guy - good friend and lay authority on Japanese cinema- watched every episode of Pokemon okay, so his opinion was suspect in this case.

The plot is about some sort of creature billed as “The Creeper“ who returns to our world every twenty three years for twenty days to feed on human body parts. He is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people over the decades. He keeps the bodies stored under an old church where he has developed a past time of turning the corpses into preserved works of art. They are stuck to the ceiling and wall like some sort of Satanic Sistine Chapel. He is selective about who he gets his parts from and is able to detect by smell the right type of fear. He traumatizes two teenagers (Gina Philips and Justin Long) in his serial killer truck until selecting one of them for a helping of eye balls. The creature wrecks havoc in a rural and desolate community and is all but unstoppable.

There are some problems of course and some parts are a little more than corny. The show down on the country road with Gina Philips running him over after he does flips over the car cold have been done better. And then he assaults the police station where the cops are hapless before him. It just is not scary to have a creature lose in a police station. It is more like an action movie (Terminator) here than a horror movie. And the two genres can mix of course, but I did not like the brew this time, but enjoyed the rest of the movie. The Creeper (Jonathan Breck) is interesting and enough about him is left unexplained to keep some mystery. The movie ends begging for a sequel and one is delivered. Maybe my taste is really bad, but I enjoyed it and recommend it completely. BEATINU baby.

I liked the sequel here more than the original in this case. Usually I do not like horror movie sequels much, with a few exceptions of course. It takes up right where the last one left off and the Creeper is running out of time to collect and digest body parts as the action takes place on day twenty three of his most recent hunting spree. Most of the story takes place in and around a school bus packed with high school students returning from a homecoming football game. The mood is tenser than in the first movie where the kids soon realize the Creeper is selecting who he will kill and eat and who he will not. All the adults on the bus are killed right off and disorganization and pandemonium ensues as it always does when teenagers are being stalked by a supernatural serial killer. There is also a subplot of a father seeking revenge on the Creeper for abducting his son in a corn field. He creates a sort of harpoon gun out of a hydraulic fence post puncher and he takes on the Creeper over and over and the movie ends with the makings of a sequel dangling before us but I have not heard anything about it yet.

The killings and action again take place in some vast and desolate rural area of what looks like Kansas or Nebraska. I read that IT is Michigan but I could not be sure by checking the license plates in the scenes. The acting is good and there is tension between the characters as they try to help each other and yet stay alive themselves as the relentless Creeper stalks them one by one. But the kids and the vindictive father all fight back and give the creature a worthy fight in this fine sequel.

Jeepers Creepers I and  II both get:


  1. jC3 is currently in preproduction. Lookit up on IMDB.com

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