28 April 2009


I just could not locate any good graphics for this movie. There were none online really and my computer would not read the disk so I could make at least a couple video captures as I like to do. This is sometimes a bad omen. I found the cover art and then I had to edit the single picture I found of Lilith in Photoshop, a task I am not usually able to do well, but it came out okay. The only other image I could locate was a picture of the pick-up truck Gary Busey drove in his one brief scene. In fact there are a few familiar B-movies faces here that have only a few moments on the screen. As well as Busey there is sexy Kelly Hu as a tough talking detective (in one scene she grumbles " I don' t give a flying fart " , how much tougher can you get?), Lorenzo Lamas as an airplane mechanic and David Keith as a heartless billionaire father who does not have time for his poor little son Adam. You know my dad didn' t have time for me either but if he had been a billionaire I would have whined about it a lot less.

The movie is not really too bad considering it is a straight to video/DVD release. The acting is not unbearable and the dialog is passable. The effects are average for a low budget movie aimed at a teenage boy audience. The action starts off on sunny Cancun on spring break where pals Adam and Jason spend their time and daddy' s cash lapping up expensive booze and nailing hot babes and dumping them in a pool of tears ASAP. Innocent enough until Adam hits on the aloof but alluring Lilith, played by model Natalie Denise Sperl in her first film role. It turns into a psycho-chick stalking the one night stand billionaire heir party boy formula (don't you get tired of that one?) with some Old Testament and Jewish folklore thrown in. Lilith was another woman God created (the story is not in the Bible so don' t look) who competed for Adam and lost and got really ticked off.
The movie moves along sort of slowly between deaths and there are only two really until "the two cops on night watch" are killed off effortlessly, as they always are. The deaths are not too violent and the sex scenes are not too wild really. The movie does not have to be a gore fest or sex show, but it cannot succeed on the plot and dialog it has going for it without something to give it some zap once in awhile. The murders of Adam's girlfriend and buddy Jason are below average in their impact. Gary Busey is great as a ghost hunter but he in on screen for less than five minutes. Some scenes are too short or non-existent even. After his best friend is killed in a bar Adam is not even questioned by police, nor does it even show him reacting to the discovery of the body while still in the bar. Things like this can really hurt a movie that is trying to take itself too seriously and I feel this movie does do just that too often.

I think a little more humor and lots more sex and violence would have helped here. There are some bloopers at the end but they are not really that funny. I read a claim that two pilots died while filming some of the really good aerial scenes but I could not confirm it at other sites and there is little information on this movie as of this time. It ends up being the super creature in the house after the frantic hero gimmick and ends in a predictable fashion with a corny one liner right before the credits, but that is okay since if it tried to be too different I do not think it would have worked.
I can recommend the movie half-heartedly because it was not a total disaster considering the low budget it dealt with and basically overcame. It could have been better but I enjoyed enough of it to recommend it if there is nothing better to watch.While looking for images I came across a site that is a game based on the movie.

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