21 February 2009


I have really gotten behind on posting here at this my modern movie horror blog. It in no way means I have given up the site. I actually have three blogs I try to manage and it is more work than I thought. My main blog is The Uranium Cafe and I have been trying some podcasting and beatcastng experiments there that took time and energy. I also try to maintain the posting there more regularly than I do this site. That is because the theme of that site is more flexible than this one and so there are more projects to draw from including comic books and music. With Necrotic Cinema I want the focus to be more narrow with modern horror films made mostly after 1980 or even after 1990. I have seen plenty of films and need to get off my lazy butt and review them here: The Feast trilogy, Friday the 13th - The Remake, Baghead, Intruder, Tokyo Gore Police and half a dozen or more others I forget now (since some of them are in fact forgettable). Right now working on scans for a post for Feast I and Feat II (Sloppy Seconds). I will be back to working next week as well after about a two month vacation and expect yet another lull in my posting as I try to readjust to reality. Please check back soon for

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  1. Chick

    I actually have a new blog concept!!! haha. Anyway, I have a new Google account and I started a blog there is still in the test phase called Project Terror, after an old late night horror TV show in San Antonio that ruined me for life. Same old shit, just a new site. I can have downtime with my host at the Cafe and I am considering the daunting task of getting a new hosting service with more storage and bandwidth, but that is a last resort type of thing. One place I was looking at oofered friggin' 150 gigs of storage for $2 more a month!!! The place I am at now offers only 1 gig. But not right now. Still trying to work stuff out with my new Hong Kong based Pay Pal. Making payments from here is a problem sometimes over the net.

    Man, to be honest I am happy to hear from you. I am working more on the Cage these days since most of the films I am watching are older B style (B is for Best) and have some none horror posts coming on Mr Majestyk with Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood and Shirley Mclain in Two Mules for Sister Sara. So much more interesting than the new stuff I watch.

    Just to keep this site active in the blogosphere I may copy some of my Uranium Cafe posts for newer stuff and put it here. My traffic here is really low.

    Thanks for the visit and I usually stop in to your place when I see vital sign activity on my RSS deal. Twitches from the crypt.

    Take care
    Bill Courtney